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About the CuttingEEG French Association


new technologies are evolving fast and keeping up with new methods and practices is a challenge for every scientist.

  • Using novel methods requires help from developers.
  • New ways of sharing require adapted techniques and tools.
  • New devices require new skills.

CuttingEEG is made for scientists working with EEG and MEG. It promotes best scientific practice, and disseminates cutting-edge methods for MEEG studies on cognition, and in the clinic.


Since 2014, we build bridges between scientists developing methods and those who use them for their research. We create these opportunities by having them meet each other, talk to each other, and share ideas and know-how.

We believe that online, as well as in person meetings are essential to broadcast knowledge globally, and develop competence locally.


People running the Association

Maximilien Chaumon

Founder and Co-President


Anne Sophie Dubarry



Anaïs Llorens

CRA (Executive Board)


Christelle Zelinski

CRA (Executive Board)


Sophie Herbst

Advisory Board


Clément François

Advisory Board


Robert Oostenveld

Advisory Board


Aina Puce

Advisory Board


François Tadel

Independent Consultant


Adrien Schramm

Independent Consultant


Official Documents of the CuttingEEG French Association